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Virat Kohli denies differences with Rohit Sharma, What is Truth?


Indian cricket has undergone major changes and controversies over the last two years.

The decisions of the Indian Cricket Board BCCI and its selection committee aside, the relationship between the captain and the players has a long history. But since the defeat against New Zealand in the semi-finals of the 2019 ODI World Cup, there have been reports of differences between the two Indian legends. And now, once again, there is speculation about the relationship between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma.

Over the last few days, the news has spread like wildfire in the Indian media that Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma do not want to play with each other. When Rohit Sharma apologized for playing Test series against South Africa due to injury, he added fuel to the fire.

Recently, Rohit Sharma has been made the vice-captain of the Indian Test team. After the Test series against South Africa, India will be captained by Rohit Sharma in the three-match ODI series.

The BCCI selection committee last week handed over the captaincy of India’s ODIs to Rohit Sharma. He will now replace Kohli in the T20 Internationals.

India will play a three-match Test series against South Africa starting December 26. This will be followed by three ODIs between January 19 and 23.

In such a situation, the question is being asked that if Rohit Sharma does not recover before the ODIs, will Virat Kohli lead the team again?

Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma
, Image source GETTY IMAGES
But even before the answer was received, the news had come in the social media and newspapers that Virat Kohli has refused to play ODIs against South Africa.

On Tuesday, former India captain Mohammad Azharuddin tweeted that after Rohit Sharma’s departure from the Test series, Virat Kohli will no longer play in the ODI series. “There is nothing wrong with taking a break, but the timing should be better. It just makes the assumptions come true. ”

Meanwhile, Sports Minister Anurag Thakur has said that there is no one greater than sports.

Former Indian cricketer Kirti Azad said that if Rohit and Virat did not play together, it would be a loss to India.

It was informed in the meeting that I am no longer the captain of ODI: Virat Kohli
So far neither Virat Kohli nor the BCCI have confirmed whether he will play in the ODI series against South Africa due to family commitments or something else.

But then on Wednesday, Virat Kohli finally clarified the news in a press conference and said that there is no difference between him and Rohit Sharma and he has been denying it for the last two years. He said that it is only in the minds of the people and they keep making such things.

He said that he will definitely play ODIs and will miss Rohit Sharma in the Test series.

“I am available for ODIs,” he said.

Asked about the ODI captaincy, he said: “I was contacted an hour and a half before the selection committee meeting. The chief selector spoke on the Test team. Before the call ended, the selectors told me that I was no longer the captain of the ODIs and that I had no problem with that. No contact has been made before.

Virat Kohli also said that in the absence of Rohit Sharma, Manik Agarwal and KL Rahul will have a good chance to perform as openers which is the most important part of the match.

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Virat Kohli presented his position on many issues such as how much pressure was put on him during his captaincy and how he is feeling now that he is not the captain.

Are there any differences between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma?
Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma
, Image source GETTY IMAGES
Cricket analyst Pradeep Magazine has recently written a book called ‘Not Just Cricket’. The BBC asked him if there were any differences between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma.

“In this day and age, no journalist has full access to sources for accurate information regarding the relationship between the two players,” he said. If their relationship is not good then such an answer should be expected from them.

“If that is the case, then no player is going to express it openly. Even if the relationship between the two is not so good, they would not want the team’s performance to be affected.

Pradeep says that Virat Kohli’s press conference is important because in a way he said that he was removed from the captaincy. He wanted to be captain in this format. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Virat said no board member had asked him to resign as T20 captain as it was being said that board president Soro Ganguly did not want separate teams for T20 and ODI. So you can’t be a different captain. In this way, Virat Kohli said that the board and its officials are not telling the truth.

So does that mean the board can make a captain and even remove him? In response, Pradeep says that this proves that the decision to remove Virat Kohli from the captaincy was taken by the selectors.

The board itself is in this regard

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