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The SHK Sports is a sports portal provides live updates and in-depth analyses of every professional sporting event that happens around the world. From the Indian Premier League, happening in the Indian subcontinent, to the English Premier League, we cover all the sporting events, ICC Cricket world cup , hockey, golf, athletics as well as all the combat elements.  SHK Sports team of experienced writers bring you the stump vision of every game and the goings-on off the pitch as well. The content we generate is available on desktop, mobile web and mobile apps. We focus on keeping up with the current and trending topics and produce original content to give a fresh outlook to the readers.

If Cricket is your religion and you love to keep track of everything that’s happening in the world of Cricket, we share your passion equally.

SHK is the perfect shot for you to access the latest Cricket news. No matter where you are, remain hooked to the latest scores in real-time. You can find out the players and team rankings for all formats of the game. You can also catch upcoming match schedules and stats of previous matches that you might have missed.

SHK ensures you are never away from the Cricket field and brings comprehensive coverage of cricketing stories, news, photographs, videos, fixtures, rankings, and scores right at your fingertips. We want you to stay connected to your favourite game like never before


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