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Shahid Afridi Finally Reveals What He Thinks of Imran Khan’s Domestic Cricket Plan


Former Pakistan captain, Shahid Afridi, has backed Prime Minister Imran Khan on his decision to stick with the revamped domestic structure. Afridi feels that the new domestic structure should be given time to yield good results.

According to Afridi, unemployment issues caused by a shift from departmental to regional cricket are greatly exaggerated, and positive results from the revamped structure will be seen in the near future.


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The star all-rounder fully backed Imran Khan’s stance to move forward with the new structure as he believes more competition will bring the best out of the players who will have a better chance to represent Pakistan at the international level.

Any new system should be given a time of at least two to three years. We shall see the results going forward. Around 290 players are contracted and receive money currently from the PCB. They are now bringing back cricket associations which will employ around 100 former players. This will provide job opportunities for many former players. It is not like they are spreading unemployment.

Afridi also said that too much focus has been set on the fitness of the players. In order to succeed at the international stage, an aggressive mindset and bravery are the only key aspects. He said that the players have to come onto the field with an attacking mindset to dominate the opposition.


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Afridi also heaped praise on PCB CEO, Wasim Khan, saying he is on the right track and the changes that have taken place will improve Pakistan cricket.