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LG is working on a transparent and foldable display – TezBall All Technology Updates Here


The display industry of digital devices is growing rapidly. All the big companies are introducing new technologies regarding display. The technology that is being worked on these days is the foldable display.
Samsung and LG are among the most active companies in the foldable display industry. LG plans to introduce transparent displays from last year.

Oppo has also made a prototype of the folding mobile. Samsung is also working on the foldable phone after acquiring the ownership rights of the foldable mobile.

Not only that, Samsung acquired the rights to the foldable tablet with the built-in keyboard and stand a year ago.

LG has also introduced dual screen TVs and has worked on dual screen foldable screens.
According to a new report, a new copyright application has come out, which shows that LG is working not only on foldable displays but also on transparent and touch sensitive displays.
The device LG is working on can be folded like a book. Half of it will have a transparent touch screen, which will have multimedia control. This control will be able to control the display of the other part.