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Google will confirm the login to the website by voice! – TezBall All Technology Updates Here


Google has bought a company called “Silk Login”, an Israeli security company that specializes in creating technology to verify logins in smartphones and websites.
It has been revealed today that the Silk Login team has decided to join Google, a team that believes that logging in to a site should be very easy and effective.

The company has discovered a technology that lets a specific sound emanate from the speakers of the user’s computer, and the application in the user’s phone receives and verifies that sound and sends it back to the computer, allowing the user to access any web. The site may be logged in.

This technology is critical for additional user authentication, and may be used by Google in place of the 2Step authentication method in which Google sends a confirmation SMS to its user’s mobile, followed by a password. The user logs in to the Google site.
The terms and conditions of the agreement between the two companies have not been revealed yet, but according to sources, it will be a multi-million dollar agreement.