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Does your smartphone run out of battery quickly? – TezBall All Technology Updates Here


The longest demand from smartphone users is for a long battery, but how long does your smartphone really last? You can read the details provided by the phone makers on how long your phone will last while talking and listening to music.
But even all this can’t tell you the exact lifespan of your smartphone’s battery, how many days or how many hours will it last?

Today we will tell you about a method by which you can know how many days and how many hours your smartphone will run.

This is a very simple method but it will take some time.
We’ve tested some applications called battery loggers that record even the slightest difference in your battery.

And the exact number of hours used after charging. We have chosen the app made by Hwang Tae-rok.

Because it’s pretty accurate. The app is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
After downloading, open this app and press the big ‘Start Service’ button. As soon as you press the start button, the app will start recording the status of your battery and even after the battery runs out, its logs will be saved. Will keep
Like we said, it’s easy but it takes time.
So you have to use your smartphone on a daily basis, but don’t charge it again and again, just charge it once, and do it all for a whole week. During this time, the battery logs will continue to run in the background and will continue to collect the necessary data.
After a week, open the battery log app, then select the log information and see what time your phone’s battery was full and when it was low, it will all look like this.